Friday, December 31, 2010


Last day of the year
no any celebration
little bit sad

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

shooting PSA---1 MALAYSIA

blogging about previous day
my course mate invite me to become the actor for the PSA
about one malaysia
gosh--i'm not interested actually
cause not good in acting
ignore their invitation
they cant find indian ppl then ask me 
act as indian guy
gosh did i look so indian??
then begging me..
as their pleasure i try to help
it quit funny actually cause the costume 
have to prepare by urself
the story is about main culture in 
malay,indian,chinese who have r studying in same uni
have fun together. n the last married together
just have some dialog to be said in my part
i should say will u marry me in tamil
"enne kalianem panni kiriya"
have to memorize this word few times
as result i can do it well--haha
we make shooting in around campus area--

tired cause the day is a sunny day..
have to repeat some scene
but at the last can learn some experience 

Monday, August 23, 2010

hometown for few days--

go back home at thursday 12/8
my parents came fetched me wth my aunt
they all went for wedding ceremony
after finished then come --
miss my home-bed---tv
my parents,sis
big hug for them

plan to do my hair--
go away my messy hair
want change a new style
i want cut mushroom head-
but the result is not really wat i want-
but i still satisfied wth it..

 my stupid look on tat day

after that hang out wth rynn ting + sunnie
have a great time at burger cafe--
variety of burger u can get it at there
it was raining on that time-
i order special burger wth more cheese
dun know le--
hate me---fat le la
after finished go mall have a window shopping
nothing interest

i bought some back come food --
cause the malay start fasting
not much food stall open it
in my uni

go around walk--n walk
see may b have anythg interesting thing to buy
unfortunately dun have
nothg special


around 10pm go huang hou ..
want to meet sharon actually
long time not meet her d.
she in holiday now..
so obey to her parents respect her
help her parents at the food stall
talk n gossip alot there--
around 10.30 sent back my friend to house..

miss this moment although only short time
i have to go bck uni next day
dun like it at all..

Monday, August 16, 2010



Saturday, August 14, 2010


many things i hate
top 10 list it down:
3.dirty place
4.hate when i'm not in tidy
6.assignments+ exam
7.friend who try gossip at behind
8.hate when i'm pok kai
9.hate theory+calculate--haha
10. hate  ppl scold me

Monday, August 2, 2010

that all just i can say

blogging time
this few days felt not well
may be the season changing
went to changlun having a medicine
then went to c-mart
bought some back up food 
in room be like a dead person..
every time sleeps----
such lazy
every day done the same things
pick out my cam--
photo time


 always beside me--when i'm bored

food store

 so messy

dad n mom-- homesicksssssssssss


this all bout my room
messy..will keep it later..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

my nowadays style--
simple but full fill what i like

weird t-shirts-
skinny jeans
"bookworm" spectacle

after dress up--
nerdy look--tat wat i want
my messy hair